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Why Hero?: 

Current Challenges:

  • Non-Profits – need more than monetary donations and volunteerism. Also, in-kind donations present a major logistical challenge that further stresses manpower restricted teams
  • Individuals, Families, Companies – want a connection to those in-need, want an easy and transparent way to directly help.
How Hero Works: 
  1. Visit different Non-Profits and read their stories
  2. Choose a product you would like to purchase and select "Buy Now"
  3. Follow the instructions to purchase the product
  4. When the item/s are received by the Non-Profit, you will receive a confirmation email and a "gift in-kind" receipt for your tax records.
About Us: 
  • Small group of friends with backgrounds in military service, financial services, consulting and law came together to build the next evolution of philanthropy.
  • Our clients are Non-Profits. We work for our clients for free. Our mission is simple, to provide a platform that assists them in executing their mission and to help those in need.