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Kniestedt Foundation


The Kniestedt Foundation was established in 2015 in appreciation of those who have committed their lives to the service of our country and our communities.  We provide exceptional hunting experiences for those currently serving and veterans of the United States Armed Forces. It is our belief that the sports of hunting and shooting empower individuals by providing an opportunity to connect with nature, challenge the mind to greater focus and engage the body in physical activity. The staff of the Kniestedt Foundation recognizes the challenges that our nation’s heroes and their families face. To that end, the foundation is committed to facilitating connections with other community resources to assist them and their families in easing the stress of daily life as well as achieving long-term goals.

Non-Profit Forms: 501c3,


Each year we work to organize hunts for Veterans and Active Duty Service Members that are strongly rooted in our 4 guiding principals:...

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