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Dream Centers


Big Problem

There is a crisis in this region with women not having access to comprehensive health. Additionally, there are thousands of kids and hundreds of moms living homeless because of violence and generational poverty. Dream Centers launched the Women’s Clinic and Mary's Home to tackle these challenges with solutions that work...permanently.

But we need Heroes. We are simply a guide who knows the solutions. You are the Heroes that make it happen. The plan is simple:

Women's Clinic

  • Comprehensive Solution (longer appointments, relational, truly meet the patient's needs)

  • Holisitic (we build and nurture spiritual, physical, emotional, and social health)

  • State-of-the-Art (everyone deserves the best health care--especially if you've been vulnerable to violence from others)

Mary's Home

  • COME HOME: We offer a safe place to call home, rest and heal for both women and their children.

  • LEARN SKILLS: We train women in important life skills that will serve them as they move towards independence.

  • GAIN FREEDOM: After their time at Mary’s Home, women leave with the tools they need for their families to not only survive but to thrive.

What do well-meaning programs often do? Simply delay the inevitable crash back into poverty and vulnerability. However, there are best practices and research based on decades of research. Our programs work! Read more here

But, when these practices are implemented, thanks to Heroes like you, we get to see families thrive and succeed permanently. Thank you for being a Hero today. 

Non-Profit Forms: 501c3, 990


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