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Save A Warrior


Save A Warriorâ„¢ believes in challenging conventional thinking. The way we challenge the idea of suicide is so novel and so inspiring, it connects the lives of all who are transformed from sharing in this experience. Since 2012, those who complete Save A Warriorâ„¢ exclaim how our "unique approach to ordinary"... saved their life. We are grateful for your generosity which made the difference; perhaps a lifesaving difference.


There are parts of ourselves that the traditional medical model is not equipped to heal or nourish, adding to our suffering. In ancient times, tribes understood that Warriors returning from battle required emotional and spiritual support to harmoniously reintegrate back into society. Everyone, from the wisest village elder to the common man understood, accepted and embraced these truths which, today, seem further and further from reality. Authentic cultures carried these principles for thousands of years - until they were lost. We NOW invite Warriors to revisit these "lost" homecoming experiences. To make this journey possible, we had to push the boundaries of the healing arts. By combining historical rituals and ceremonies with contemporary innovations, we witness astonishing results. Through the timeless art form of storytelling and story listening, combined with well-grounded instruction informing solid, "daily practices", Warriors encounter a sense of being simultaneously present... and vitally alive. Some liken what we do to The Hero's Journey. We simply call this "SAW".


Non-Profit Forms: 501c3, 990


During a Cohort session, Save A Warrior alumni return to give back to their community and help the next group of Warriors through their journey....

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