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America's Homeless Veterans


Our Organization is comprised of Veterans helping Veterans overcome the challenges of homelessness. 1 in 5 of all Veterans returning from today‚Äôs conflicts find themselves homeless and we have an obligation to stop this NOW.

Our Goal is to eradicate homelessness for our Veterans using our resources to support the transition from the street to permanent housing with the primary mission of providing the support to obtain and sustain housing, food and shelter for our returning Veterans. We offer resources to meet medical needs, both physical and mental as well as referrals to other community programs, public and private.

Our Purpose is providing vital programs and services to returning Service Members and Veterans in order to support their transition to civilian life by providing affordable housing and shelter. We serve returning Veterans and Service Members who due to their military service and return have become homeless or are in need of support.

Our Services are all specific to fit the needs of who we are working with. Many are returning with little or no support from their local community and are in need of help. We provide a gateway to needed services based on individual needs and many times transportation to and from appointments in order to foster a relationship with the beneficiary both public and private. We offer referrals to the correct individuals, locations and agencies to avoid any red tape along the way.

Our Mission places Veterans in the homes securing rents backed by and/or paid by benefits, both public and private. We provide introductions to landlords who will rent to them. This plan is a rehabilitation program for everyone from the property owner, to the neighbors, to the Veterans and to the kids on the street.

Our Duty is to rise to the Call of action. There is no one real solution, but showing compassion for the person holding the cardboard sign is a start. We all agree that giving them money out the window is not providing a long term solution. Making for a way to get them off of the street and into a home is just the beginning of the solution. It only takes about $500 to get a Veteran off of the street and $25 a month to keep them off the street. If you would like to donate at, please help us help them.

Our Support includes Veterans, Alumni and Volunteers whose primary purpose is to bring community services that benefit our returning Service members using their experience to help the transition from military life to civilian life. Experience and wisdom is the key to success.


Non-Profit Forms: 501c3, 990


We are Veterans helping Veterans overcome the challenges of homelessness. We at America's Homeless Veterans are putting words to action....

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