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About Us

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." Mahatma Gandhi

Hero is a marketing and e-commerce company for non profits that democratizes the philanthropic marketplace and enables new levels of giving efficiency via its Philanthropic Shopping Model.

Our founding team is a group of friends from the United States Air Force Academy, Annapolis, West Point and various financial institutions where we have worked together.  Our passion is to serve others, and to be as impactful as possible in helping our non profit clients execute their mission every day.

Our vision is that our clients never have a tangible need again...Hero is the solution.

Daniel McBroom

Education:  U.S. Air Force Academy, B.S. / University of Notre Dame, MBA / Stanford Graduate School of Business, SEP

Professional Experience:  Air Force/DoD, Pilot, Bear Stearns, Goldman Sachs, Capstone Partners

Interests:  Everything Awesome, Varsity Talent, Lions/Lionesses, Responsibility, Golf, Premier League 

Mariano Long

Education: U.S. Air Force Academy, B.S.

Professional Experience: Mission Commander at U.S. Space Force, Astra Design Werx, Front Range Sprocket Doc

Interests: Golf, Baseball, Fitness, and Outdoor Sports

Kitt Regier

Education: U.S. Air Force Academy, B.S.

Professional Experience: USAF Pilot Trainee, USAFA Spark Director, USAF Parachute Team 'Wings of Blue', HBS Online CORe, Small Business Owner

Interests: Skiing, Skydiving, Golf, Flying, Wine & Coffee

Isabella Stamati

Education: Colgate University, B.S.

Professional Experience: Analytics Team Intern at Lockton Companies, HBS Online CORe, Econometrics Teaching Assistant, Peer Mathematics Tutor

Interests: Cooking, Playing The Ukelele, Health and Fitness, Philanthropy